Aweil youth attempting to end paying ‘pregnant cows’ for employment | RB

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The humanitarians agencies have come under heavy criticism in the past two years. The bodies which include the NGOs seem to have adopted the massive corruption that is being played by the very own government that is hosting them.

In Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazel (2 months ago), the youth have condemned what they referred to as corruption which involves the needing of ‘pregnant cow’ in exchange for a job. The human resources managers and other employees within the organizations are said be the ones who need the ‘pregnant cows’ or rather, an expectant mammal (cow).

In a letter extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, several concerns have been raised by the youths including rejecting of foreign workers in the NGOs who specifically handle jobs which otherwise the youth see as the ordinary citizens’ jobs.

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South Sudan is home to approximately over 220 NGOs. As of 2020, NGOs have been classified as the most stable source of income for the working class individuals.

But as many citizens take their hopes and dreams to landing an NGO job which is likely to pay well, they are met with corruption that has rocked the bodies and many have lost hopes in landing a job. This has in turn created an alarm and the reason for many concerned graduates who wish to work in those sectors (which are otherwise the only source of employment in the country) to speak up, exposing and calling for change in the NGOs sectors.

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