“Ateny Wek is planing to have me Kidnapped or harmed here” – former SSBC journalist | RB

FILE PHOTO: Security advisor Tut Kew Gatluak briefing during Sudanese Peace Talk in Juba.

A former South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC)journalist has said that Ateny Wek Ateny who is the presidential press secretary is planing to have him kidnapped, lured to Juba and be harmed by the National Security.

His remarks came after he exposed Ateny’s taxing secretes of the journalists as ‘per trip’ when send on a mission while covering President’s engagements.

According to Chol Duang, Ateny always ask for money or share when the budget is given to the press unit covering the president’s engagement and more so abroad.

Our effort to ask for more about the matter from the former Journalist have been futile.

The journalist is currently in a location not disclosed.

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