An open letter to the office of the SPLM party, National SPLM’s Acting Secretary General Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba



A woman of pleasurable outstanding character, disposition/ temperament ever existed in any country!

By; William Deng Chol

This note serves as a recommendation of Hon Elithabeth Poth Dumic to be appointed as governor of the state in the next relief and appointment of a new state governor if any.

The woman whose pleasants outstanding/ exceptional character and legacy cataloged and remains recognized in the history of SPLM Party beyond restrictions.

Without her roles and distinguishing capabilities, the few youths left in the party in the state – Rumbek wouldn’t have been there.

Hon. Elizabeth Poth Dumic has been an unforgettable woman and as such a rare and disciplined woman who has not even and ever one day forgotten and betrayed her country, government, and the public at large.

She is of no corruption and indeed she is a respectful, honest, and well-mannered woman from childhood, and a kind of person that can believe in accountability and transparency and this would qualify her as a great leader.

Her efforts demonstrated her patriotism and commitment to peace for the entire country, especially lakes. This may be the reason why leadership and the party-appointed her as state border advisor by then.

She loves the party SPLM more than anything else, she believes in SPLM’s vision and mission. She will remain as an SPLM and government supporter of this nation and will not and never change her mind no matter what.

I believe.

The citizens of lakes state and the SPLM party are profoundly concerned and grateful to you for having achieved the political weight of the Republic of south Sudan right away from 1983 until now. You hadn’t changed your mind, Hon.

You have not spent one day away from the SPLM party and you will never spend one day away from it. I believe. Maburuk Mama. Hon. Elizabeth Poth.

I have taken this golden opportunity to write to the public and indeed to the SPLM party about Hon. Elizabeth, the former Hon. Advisor of lakes state’ government for the party’s achievements during her services delivery at the state level which you have equally both government and public witnessed as you have been seeing her daily activities of the party in Lakes state – Rumbek

I really believed that these are some of the exceptional women who possessed the same qualities of good leadership and are women who deserve more and more chances as citizens still need their dedication to services’ delivery to the public at large.

Hon. Elizabeth deserves appointment as the governor of Lakes state- Rumbek in post- reshuffling as there is still a need for her to accomplish in the state and the party as well.

Therefore, Hon. Jemma Nunu, let me remind you of the ARTICLE I wrote earlier this month entitled ” WOMAN EMPOWERMENT THROUGH GOV’T JOBS OPPORTUNITIES “

Hence, I wish to advise you, however, don’t forget some of the strongest women who have tirelessly been struggling with government and SPLM Party whether at the state level or national towards achieving freedom and equality for all South Sudanese. It’s through the efforts of our mothers obviously that is why we got this country today.

By holding your hands together with them, this party will be great and great and overwhelmingly successful.

Hon. Elizabeth Poth Dumic, the one of the good-natured woman and congenial person who possessed distinguishing qualities, will help you in achieving peace and stability in the party particularly and indeed to the state in general if you bring her closer.

By bringing her as a governor of the state on the side of the SPLM party I hope the party will achieve the aims and objectives of our party.

She is the woman the party and the public, in general, wouldn’t regret appointing her the governor of the state. I believe that she would make the best the party wanted of her in furthering services delivery through the economy and political stability in the state.

Hon Elizabeth Poth Dumic is one of the rare character women who can focus on reality, and she can’t let people down.

FOR INSTANCE, last year she had been consulted and approached by so many youths who left the SPLM party to others as such to follow them to other political parties.

Imagine, She dismissed the requests from those youths straight away and told them that she was a child of SPLM and grown up as a woman of SPLM and I must get old as a woman of SPLM. She added. I didn’t see anything wrong with my party. She concluded.

Hon. Elizabeth is a selfless and courageous woman, she can work steadily with you as SPLM party’ minded woman who will stand at your side firmly. I hope she will not let the party down if the general elections come.

I believe Hon. Elizabeth will not and never be influenced by other political parties. Therefore, she will remain static specifically inside the Bahr El Ghazal region.

General youths including Gelweng(Cattlekeepers), women, and intellectuals, will rally behind the party through her personal ability and efforts. I believe this to the best of my experiences.

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