An open letter to Hon. Louis Lobong, the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State | RB

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Date: 16th August 2020

Salutations to you Honourable governor, with thoughts you are doing well amidst the ongoing pandemic. It’s my prayer for God to use and guide you throughout your leadership.

I have decided to write to your esteemed office based on the love and passion I have for my beloved state of EES. Hon. Governor, the state you are heading is the most complicated one in South Sudan because of the type of rare politics which was adopted by many of those who led before and after you. I am not writing to outline all the human made suffering and hostage situations our people from Nimule to Narus have been experiencing. Rather, this letter is to submit what I think is urgently needed as a stepping stone to restore our former glory for which we were always known. Some are;

    These rights include those termed as basic, which are not given neither can they be removed from a human being. Example is the right to life. Hon. Governor, let your leadership not associate itself with the wickedness of assassinations of both political opponents and mere youth voicing up their desires. As enshrined in our constitution, the Bill of rights gives freedom of speech. If you are indeed a leader of the people, you will agree with me that one’s status of hunger can only be known if the hungry person speaks out. Try to be the leader who will allow people speak their minds. Be a leader who will use or turn people’s complaints into Developmental projects; thereby making your people happy. In your endeavours, it’s my hope that you will lead to ensure those you are leading are happy. Let people express themselves freely as long as you are in command as the governor.
    Leaders are found of liking only what they wish to hear instead of what they should hear. To strengthen your leadership and destine it to success, do not silence those who may be proposing varrying opinions. Listen to them because God also speaks to leaders through others. Seeing them as threats to your leadership will cause the others to go mute; thereby weakening your cabinet. None will dare tell you the truth which may cost his/her office. If considered, you will have contributed towards elimination of the rampant political enslavement.
    Politics was needed to determine which party would lead which state or ministry. Having overcome such, time now is for service delivery and development. Do not look at your members of cabinet as civil servants coming from respective parties to the agreement; but as leaders of Eastern Equatoria State. Such direction will bridge any gap which could threaten cooperation within your cabinet. The people God has given you to lead are yearning for Development and service delivery but not political differences.
    Let none suffer for the undertakings of another. Only the culprit needs to be apprehended but not those related to him/her. Prioritize elimination of unknown GUNMEN from the renowned peaceful state. Let going to gardens be without any form of fear since we have always depended on agriculture.
    Hon. Governor, try to be remembered as the leader who respected the constitution by empowering the other branches of government. Do not intimidate or threaten the state assembly nor the state judiciary. The success of your leadership will be tangible through cooperation and respect of your obvious operational jurisdictions.
    Since no man is an island, I beseech you to constantly reach out to your advisors and leaders of rich experiences. Allow me to recommend to you those I am confident you can benefit from. I have decided to choose these two based on their unique leadership as already witnessed and being missed. If you don’t mind, do not hesitate to always reach out to HON. LOLUKE MANIR…He can be of great help to you especially in your efforts to continue the good plans and projects they intended to implement while in office. Be close to the Spiritual leaders and please, do not forget our cultural leaders who should be involved in key decision making within our various communities. I urge your Honourable office to empower everyone in their respective roles. Hon. Governor, do not forget our senior citizens among us; the elderly and our surviving sources of information and wisdom.
    The youth are the now and future leaders who should be prioritized in everything especially your leadership. A few people across our communities are offering bad mentorship which is responsible for the current disunity among the youth. Try to be closer to these youth and help them out with nationalistic ideas. If possible, empower them to be self reliant. Destroying the youth starts by making some to spy on others. Please, do not entertain propagandists who always look for survival opportunities in the name of others. Remember that all of them are your children who deserve equal treatment.
    Many families and friends have been benefiting from this scholarship. My only recommendation is let the benefit be the state itself. Offer scholarships evenly and let all our greaters; Magwi, Lafon, Torit and Kapoeta appreciate such coverage.

In conclusion, the people of EES are expecting a lot from you. I shall appreciate if you can be remembered as the leader of RULE OF LAW, liberty and empowerment.

As I wish you all the best in your leadership, be blessed and stay protected from COVID-19, together with those the Lord has entrusted you to lead.

Yours a concerned youth💪🏿🙏🏿


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