An accident in Tombura, Western Equatoria left three people critically injured

A truck carrying goods from Tombura town.A truck carrying goods from Tombura town.

An accident that occurred on Sunday 2 miles at the outskirt of Tombura town left three people critically wounded, Eyewitnesses told Ramciel by phone.

Speaking to an eyewitness on Sunday evening, the accident occurred shortly after the driver lost control of the truck that carrying goods to the neighboring counties 2 miles away from Tombura town, speeding into the bushes.

No death was reported but two men were critically injuries and one boy had minor injuries on the back. Speaking to Ramciel, the witness says no one die but several goods were badly damaged.

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A man trying to check on good and services. 

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A young boy sustained injuries during the accident.

A young boy sustained injuries during the accident.

“I can tell you that we had an accident just this evening which was very bad. Nobody dies but three people sustained injuries. A young boy and two men. No further damage. The driver is fine but a lot of goods were damaged.”

The victims were quickly rushed to the nearby health facility to attend their wounds and for further medical attention.

“Now the three people are taken to the nearby Health Facility in the area to be attended by the nurses. The authorities are around and things are fine anyway.” Juma a passenger told Ramciel.

No further details were available.

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