Amb. Hanna Dijok visits South Sudanese families living at a dumpsite in Khartoum.

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Amb. Hanna Dijok visits South Sudanese families living at a dumpsite in Khartoum.

This month, Ambassador Hanna Dijok, the C.E.O of the South Sudan Research Institute and Advocacy (SSIRAA) embarked on a journey that reveals absolute inhumane conditions.



South Sudanese families are living at a dumpsite at Abouhamam in Khartoum, Sudan. Speaking to Ramciel Broadcasting this evening from Washington, the Ambassador said that 4 children below the age of 10, died on the day of her arrival at the dumpsite.

“The harsh living conditions these families are exposed to are heart-breaking. The same day I arrived, is the same day I found people mourning the death of 4 children.” She said.

The children were scavenging on rubbish for food, which is a daily routine and part of the fight for survival. But things transcended to reality that day.

After consuming the bacteria filled left-overs, they died. And due to lack of medical care, the children could not be saved and they perished at the watch of their families.

Back view of one of the shelters at the dumpsite, slightly away from the concentration point of the wastes


The polluted environment which serves as shelter for these poor families poses a health hazard to their livelihood. The dumpsite’s smoke has affected the children that are still battling for their lives and according to Ambassador Hanna, some appear like to have mental illness, which is to say, they are abnormal.

Breathing in of poisonous gases from the burning materials has affected their lungs, altering their normal breathing.

“Some of the children around this place have their lungs affected and experiencing breathing difficulties. Some of them appear abnormal and they seem to have mental illness. It is a very saddening situation” She narrated.

The people from this dumpsite are mostly from Upper Nile’s Eastern Jikany people. And they have been living at the dumpsite for long.

Image use: Permitted by Amb. Hanna Dijok

According to UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee agency, there is an estimated 40,000 number of South Sudanese refugees in Khartoum, Sudan. The overall number of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan is 747, 885 people as per January 31st, 2021, UN report.

Although the Peace Agreement implementation is currently grabbing the headlines, there is zero consideration of the suffering population that is in the country and that which took to the neighbouring countries like Sudan and Uganda when the war broke out.

The stakeholders are taking the heaviest issue light at the table. This issue is the redemption of the suffering population.

Many people are also fleeing the terrible living conditions in South Sudan.

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