Alarm as Warrap Governor appears in full military attire amidst visitation to the conflict hit State

Warrap Governor Photo SuppliedWarrap Governor Photo Supplied

South Sudanese are alarmed by a similar scene that took place the day after the night battle of the start of the 2013 civil war.

In the aftermath of the first fierce fight within the capital Juba, President Kiir appeared in full military attire on the national television in the morning to address the nation and there has never been peace since. It was believed that he declared war at that time.

Today, people are raising questions about whether it is a signal from the Warrap State’s governor Gen. Aleu Ayieny who was bound for the conflict to hit Warrap State.

The military general dressed in full military attire before visiting President Kiir and the Minister of Presidential Affairs Hon. Nhial Deng Deng earlier in J1.

Weeks in and weeks out, Warrap has been in a security crisis and it reached its peak after the military – civilians confrontation in Tonj last year.

Tonj communities have been in disharmony for quite sometimes and there are fears that the government, through the governor is going to cause havoc to the already conflict-hit state.

In the other hand, some believe that he is the right man to bring the Warrap communities together which is of course greatly opposed by the majority who seem to know the man better.

“I don’t think he is the right man for Warrap State. We need a leader that is going to bring us the unity that we very much need.” Said a Juba residence who hails from Warrap State.

For now, mixed reactions are filling the satin air and nobody is sure what next, especially the Warrap State’s citizens.

South Sudanese leaders have long been accused of fuelling conflicts rather than ending them among the civil population. This could perhaps be the reason why people are alerted by what seems to be a signal from the governor.

But all in all, peace and development are at hand needed in both the state and the country.

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