Agwelek rejects the appointment of Abudhok, to announce their position

Powerful tribal militants in the Northern Upper Nile rejects the appointment of Hon. Abudhok as the governor of the Upper Nile, saying they will soon declare their position.

In a statement sent to Ramciel on Tuesday, they call upon the people of South Sudan to stay calm and wait for their position.

The group is disappointed to learn Machar did not respond to their choice of governorship rather focus on what the regime in Juba wants.

Accusing Machar of appointing the maternal nephew to Defense minister, Angelina Teny, they said Abudhok is not the choice for the Chollo people.

In a letter, the Agwelek urges the people of South Sudan to be patient.
“Honorable people of Southern Sudan, a sincere militant greeting to you for your patience to restore the rights and freedoms for which the people of Southern Sudan fought from the Torit rebellion in 1955 until the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005,” according to Maj. Gen. Maurice Samuel.

The relationship between the armed opposition leader, Dr. Riek Machar, and Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony Thabo went South as recent events dictate.

To clarify where things start to go wrong, the group accuses Machar of conspiring with the government to lure Olony to Juba in exchange for the Upper Nile governorship.

“On 01-22-2021 AD, Dr. Riek Machar tried to persuade Johnson to respond to the pressures of the President of the Republic, Salva Kiir Mayar Ditt, and his choice between two options, either to go to Juba, and the other side continued to stipulate a peace agreement, which is a condition not found in the activated peace agreement on appointing state governors.” Read part of the letter.

Gen. Maurice said Machar threatened them to appoint another person apart from Olony.

“Another candidate will be appointed. The response of the political and military leadership of the federal state of Fashoda was to reject the two options altogether through a letter signed by Lieutenant General Johnson Olong addressed to Riek Machar.”

Speaking to Ramciel on Tuesday, sources familiar with Olony’s thinking said they were surprised to hear the appointment without their consultation. These angered Olony and the group.

“We were surprised by the announcement of a republican decision on Friday, 1-29-2021 AD to appoint Abudhok Ajang as governor of Upper Nile State without the knowledge and approval of the political and military leadership of the former Fashoda state.”

They reject the appointment citing it doesn’t represent their opinion and choice.

“Accordingly, the political and military leadership rejects the step taken by Dr. Riek Machar and appointed Abudhok Ajanq who does not represent the opinion of the two leaderships.”

Maurice said their position to be declared soon, a move expected to impose obstacles to an already fragile peace agreement.

“We will announce to the proud people of southern Sudan soon what we will treasure to achieve the goals for which we fought and to achieve real peace and stability. Greetings to the martyrs of glories. Greetings to all the comrades fighting for the dignity of the people of Southern Sudan. And the struggle continues.

Maurice is currently the spokesperson of the Agwelek. He was the former spokesperson of the Fashoda state government.

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