Agel Machar supports immediate appointment of Johnson Olony

President KiirPresident Kiir

The former V.P Spokesperson who is gradually becoming vocal support the immediate appointment of Johnson Olony saying SPLM/A – IO is on the right side of ARCISS.

The young hopeful politician addressed the concerned authorities as follow on his Facebook.

“Dear Concerned authorities

Appointment of Gen Johnson Olony Thabo

R-ARCISS implementation is has apparently come to a standstill because of the refusal to appoint one Johnson Olony Thabo, the SPLM-IO’s nominated candidate for Upper Nile State Gubernatorial seat. The only reason we hear via u media outlets is that this Gen Johnson Olony dude is some serious “warmonger”. I’m not aware of all the classified intelligence you guys receive on him and his activities but it hasn’t escaped our attention that some of the alleged warmongers of both the Dec 2013 (Tiger Headquarters) and July 2016 (J1 Dogfight) wars are currently in government already. Please give us a break. We have suffered enough.

We, in the TGoNU made two strategic decisions that weren’t in our favour as follows:

  1. Denying the Dinka people of Upper Nile State a National Ministerial position; After securing an administrative area for the people of Ruweng who were in celebratory mode, there was no urgent need to give them another national ministry. That ministry of Road and bridges should have been given to their Upper Nile State counterparts. This would have provided us with a political vocal point person for the Dinka people of Upper Nile State. I privately attempted to pass this information to the previous occupant of the ministry of Presidential Affairs.
  2. During the distribution of States, I made several attempts to pass the information that we should consider surrendering Unity State to the SPLM-IO instead of Upper Nile State. Dr Joseph Nguen Monytuil could have been accommodated somewhere else. But I was strongly rebuffed and told that we must protect VP Taban Deng, Presidential advisor Tut Kew and Gov Nguyen Monytuil who are evidently strong allies of President Mayardit. Excellent!

Now, Riek Machar and his SPLM-IO on the other hand must also protect their strong allies in Agwelek of Gen Johnson Olony Thabo. On top of that, they are on the correct side of the R-ARCISS. I don’t believe that this unnecessary delay in formation of the State governments and the R-TNLA is in our best interests.

Someone must quickly gather the required courage to appoint Gen Johnson Olony as governor of Upper Nile State. The issues of land disputes across the country should be postponed and dealt with at a later date.

Yours Sincerely
SGT Agel Ring Machar”

The appointment of Gen. Johnson Olony has been a topic that has at least slowed down the the full implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Olony who is strongly rejected by the government is the nominated Candidate for the Upper Nile State Gubernatorial Position and can not change their decision on.

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