Activist Peter Biar to brief U.S Congress about South Sudan civil war

Peter Biar Ajak, center, walks with his sons Deng Ajak, left, and Baraka Ajak, right, upon their arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Va., Thursday, July 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez)

Activist Peter Biar Ajak is set to address the upper chamber of the United States Congress, Senate about South Sudan civil war before meeting President Donald J. Trump, an aid closed to Biar told Ramciel Broadcasting on Sunday.

Ajak arrived in the United States of America on Thursday as an asylum seeker with his family through a “highly, highly emergency visa” designed by the U.S Department of States.

This is a rare case according to his lawyer. He has been hiding in Kenya enduring threats from the government of South Sudan.

Speaking to Association Press shortly after his landing, the 36 years old activist said, “The last few weeks have been a bit terrifying. Extremely terrifying.”

According to an opinion piece published in The Wall Street Journal just a day after his arrival in the U.S, Biar wrote that the threat was not idle.

“I knew this was no idle threat. In January 2017, two other dissidents were abducted from Nairobi and murdered, leading the U.S. to impose sanctions on five South Sudanese officials.”

Ajak now plans to settle down and continue pressing for a “generational exit” of South Sudan’s leaders, with the help of the country’s diaspora, and friends from the Department of States. He hopes to become the president one day.

Ajak is now planning to continue with his slogan for the “generational exit” of the South Sudanese leaders. He didn’t even rule out the idea perhaps of pursuing the nation’s top seat. This could mean even if becoming the president of South Sudan, “so be it”.

Genser said: “He couldn’t imagine a world in which he couldn’t return.”

South Sudanese are now divided as they suspect Biar to push for the United States’ support to become the next president of South Sudan. This could only happen if the elections are to be held in December 2021, he wrote this in his recently widely published article.

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