Activist Peter Biar and American allies to restore democracy in South Sudan

Activist Dr. Peter Biar Ajak and D.DE Senator, Chris CoonsActivist Dr. Peter Biar Ajak and D.DE Senator, Chris Coons

South Sudan prominent activist and Global Young Leader, Dr. Peter Biar Ajak said on Thursday that the United States of America has agreed to help restore democracy to the world’s young nation, according to closed aid with much details of Biar’s engagement with the U.S leaders.

Ajak is set to meet with the President of the United States, Joe R. Biden.

A source familiar with the activist, claims Ajak is now a key focal point between the U.S and South Sudan, and that the U.S will work closely with him to restored democracy to South Sudan since he projected himself as an ally that dislikes China’s influence in Africa.

How will that happen he didn’t specify.

The aid said high-level meetings between Ajak and friends within the U.S government are being scheduled to discuss how democracy can be restored to the young nation.

The United States of America, he said has agreed to work hand in hand with Ajak and other like-minded South Sudanese to save the country.

According to social media status he made on Thursday, Ajak said key people in the U.S government including Democrat Senator Chris Coons support the people of South Sudan.

“It was a great pleasure to speak before the U.S Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. It was equally wonderful to get recognition from Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) and to speak with him after the hearing. I can tell you that Sen. Coons is a great defender of human rights and democracy.” Ajak wrote to thousands of his followers on social media.

“My South Sudanese people, I can assure you that you have great allies in the U.S Government who only want to see you succeed. Sen. Coons is one of them. Thank you, Senator, and the awesome people of Delaware, the home state of the U.S President Joe R. Biden!”

On Wednesday after his testimony before the U.S Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, he accused both President Salva Kiir Mayardit and FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny of setting the country into civil war.

“But in December 2013, he and his former Vice President Riek Machar (now the First Vice President) plunged our new nation into a civil war. Kiir used the conflict to defer the scheduled elections from 2015 to 2018, and again to 2021. And although the current peace agreement requires elections to be held by March 2022, Kiir is already proposing 2023 and beyond.” Ajak testified.

He said Kiir has failed as a leader of South Sudan putting the nation on an unimaginable path to poverty globally.

Kiir’s failed leadership of South Sudan has been costly to our people. As reported by the World Bank, the national poverty rate, which stood at about half of the population at independence is now at 82 percent;

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