Abuse of power: Soldier shot dead a young girl for rejecting his marriage proposal | Northern Bhar el Ghazal

File photo: Body of the young girl killed as her relative desparetly tries to wake her up. Photo credit/Bolis Gabriel. Source: EyeRadio

A soldier in Aweil, Northern Bhar el Ghazal State has shot dead a teenage girl for rejecting his ‘forced marriage’ proposal.

Awut Deng, a youth in her blossom was killed on Monday by Jacob Kuol, member of the armed forces at 11Am, Salaam Residential Area, in Aweil with several others sustaining injuries.

According to Eye Radio, the spokesperson of the army in Aweil locality, Captain Guot Guot Kuol, the killer has been caught and taken and currently under police custody.

“The SSPDF soldier shot dead a teenager called Adut Deng Tong, 19 years old, at Salaam residential area,” Capt. Akol said.

The SSPDF members have been engaging in rape, murder and looting of civilians property countrywide and 99% of them escape the hand of justice. Most victims have been girls and women.

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