Abiong Kuol Belake, A Multifaceted Career Woman-RB

Abiong post for a picture. Photo/SuppliedFILE PHOTO/Supplied: Abiong Kuol

Meet Abiong Kuol Nyok, a young South Sudanese entrepreneur and social activist from Abyei region.

Abiong Kuol has studied International Relations and Diplomacy from the Africa’s prestigious University of Nairobi, currently awaiting graduation.

This week Ms. Abiong agreed to speak to a journalist and have her story told for being one of the impactful and trailblazing young South Sudanese women and men who’re changing the jobs market narrative in South Sudan.

Born to Abyei parents in Aweil in 1993, Northern Bahr Ghazal, little Abiong relocated with family to Kenya, where she joined the school at the age of 5. Asked where she learned about social and entrepreneurial skills, she said anything is possible if one puts the mind to it.

Spotted vending mineral water at a Sports Event: Last week, Abiong was seen selling water at a football match. Later that evening, she posted pictures from the event on her Facebook page, challenging her friends to bust a myth that holds educated and beautiful women back from embracing odd jobs.

Barely days after, Abiong went to another sports match and vended mineral water to a crowd of sports fans. Beautiful as she’s with a degree, it flabbergasts South Sudanese when she sells water. Apart from entrepreneurship, Abiong is also a youth leader; and, while in Kenya, she held various student and youth leadership positions and has passionately spoken about community development before development experts in Kenya.

Her Activism For Free, Integral and developed Abyei Area: In a remote interview with a South Sudanese journalist based abroad, Abiong spoke about her passion to help her people of Abyei attain their final freedom and absolute control of their affairs and resources, without external aggression. As a young girl growing up in neighbouring Kenya, she’d seen, heard and watched her home of Abyei suffer from political, socio-economic and religious violence, throwing her hopes into uncertainty.

The student of International Relations and Diplomacy also said she’s keen to help mentor and create a positive mark on her fellow young South Sudanese:

‘’I am passionate about creating a positive impact on young people who are fresh graduates from universities, who try their best to find jobs, most of which turn futile.”

The writer is a South Sudanese journalist and literacy activist who asked for anonymity.

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