A South Sudanese Delegation meeting with USA State Department officials. 

South Sudanese activist Suzanne JamboSouth Sudanese activist Suzanne Jambo
This Report is a pro-peaceful methods for peace and change toward democracy in South Sudan.
Thursday 21st October 2021, a five members South Sudanese delegation led by Suzanne Jambo, Steps Chairperson met with USA State Department officials led by Mr. Atkinson, Director Sudan and South Sudan and deputy director Mr. Bjorkman, D. James to discuss urgent pertinent in South Sudan and suggestions for the way forward.
The South Sudanese delegation members included veteran political activist Mr. Ladu Gubek,  veteran former USA army official nurse and civil society activist Ms. Nyajuok Tongyik, a pro peaceful political activist change Mr. Michael Achuil Machar and grassroots and women representative Ms. Ruta Denyangos.
Humanitarian and human rights issues: The delegation discussed the impeding humanitarian crisis including the floods in Upper Nile and the need for emergency intervention. In-depth discussions on the total lack of peace, break down of rule of law subsequent human rights violations including rape, forced early-child marriages and prostitution amongst young girls due to abject poverty prevalent in the nation.
Notably also shared is the lack of any space to exercise basic human rights as freedom of expression and association with many activists arbitrarily detained in NSS infamous Blue House, all these resulted to the quashing of any peaceful movements to rally people for change as happened in May 16th 2019 by the Red Card Movement and 30th August 2021 by the PCCA. A pro unity, equality of South Sudanese and peaceful political party as Steps founded in 2017 is in exile and works under cover due to oppressive laws as the NSS Oct 2014 Act.
All these have forced many activists to live in hiding and in exile. The delegation strongly recommended to the USA State department to stand in strong support for basic freedoms, democracy and must condemn in the strongest form any violations on the People by the government.
The delegation registered their appreciation of the Troika, USA, Norway, the UK and Netherlands statement marking South Sudan’s 10th independence anniversary in July 2021 and expressed to see more of such public statements which are pro the suffering oppressed South Sudanese people.
Issues of invested interest and appreciation were discussed and shared by the delegation included the People’s appreciation of the American people and government solidarity with the marginalized South Sudanese people which enabled the birth of the world’s youngest nation, the Republic of South Sudan.
As such, the delegation earnestly urged the State Department officials to reset and go back ten years ago and re-believe in the determination and will power of the People of South Sudan to live in peace, dignified, equal and happy among all communities and that every effort must be exerted to support “the Alternative Voices” comprised of peaceful political actors from all backgrounds, civil society, human rights, the youth, women and elders.
Increasingly elders have began echoing pro-change toward real peace and democratic sentiments in support of the Alternative Voices call.
South Sudan is a sisterly neighbor to Sudan, both nations must be fully supported toward lasting peace, democratic transformation, rule of law and constitutionalism. As such any threats, personnel who are sponsors or aid terrorism, jehadism and who are against lasting peace and democracy are direct threats to both sisterly nations, to the Horn of Africa, East Africa, Africa and the world, the delegation shared in sincere constructive and illustrated examples of such threats in both sisterly nations.
The delegation further urged the USA to stand in solidarity with all actors working earnestly to realize peace, democracy, social services delivery and transparent governance instead of dictators who are looting public and mortgaging national resources while oppressing their citizens.
The delegation thanked the USA State department officials for availing time to discuss such urgent matters as the USA government formulates its 2022 policies towards South Sudan and other nations in the Region. The delegation expressed gratitude to the American people and government for their unfettered support to humanity, human rights and democracy.
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