A quick look into Olony’s journey and why the government fears him| U.N.S Gubernatorial Lockdown

File photo source: Ngokland

After the death of George Athor, Gen. Johnson Olony took over the leadership of South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM) in 2012 and actively engaged in its spheres. This came as a result of his forces which were to be integrated into government forces had internal wrangles that led to a thin line of relations. Olony fled to South Kordofan following a rumour that he would soon be arrested and summoned to the government.

The widely known fearless General then signed peace agreement in 2013 with the South Sudan government under provisions which he considered favorable. After willingness of being integrated into the then SPLA, the militia leader was promoted by H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit to a Major General rank and assigned duty.

After this major breakthrough, soon, things turned dark for Olony. The war broke out in 2013 and dark clouds visited his surroundings. A section of SPLA-IO forces surging into Malakal shot him on the neck but survived.

His deputy was later shot dead by the government forces leading to high tensions and General Johson broke the vow and threw the government’s ring. It was 2015 February, a time Malakal exchanged hands several times between SPLA and SPLA -IO forces.

Olony who was now very much disappointed didn’t speak for weeks and the results were disastrous. On 15th of May 2015, Olony declared a grave intention of pursuing Malakal and its affairs on his own with forces under his control which he now calls Agwelek. The Shilluk king have also been protesting what he calls marginalization and ‘mistreatment’ of his tribe. A thing that burns him to ashes.

Agwelek then signed a military treaty with SPLA-IO and fought along side against government forces. Even though as agreement was signed, Olony continued to remain unpredictable but was steadfast and committed to agreement.

Those who have traced him since day one have got a lot to say about him. With this peace implementation, Olony is still believed to not adhere to the words of unity and many people fear that he would revenge and bring back all the lands grabbed around Malakal.

Though the Dinka Apadang of Upper Nile State have come out strongly to reject his nomination as the governor of Upper Nile, the SPLA/M -IO still tips and considers him as the main man for the state’s gubernatorial seat.

Reports indicates that Olony is calm and waiting for the final solution but his appointment could lead to President Kiir creating and sectioning out the Apadang-Dinka of Upper Nile.

So far, the position is on hold as H.E. Mr President didn’t read his name out while appointing governors late June, which were sworn in on 1st of July.

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