A Makerere graduate warns those ‘attacking’ the IG of NPS | The Battle of ‘My Person’

File Photo: IG of NPS, South Sudan posing for a pic. Source: Extracted (RB have no rights to it. Solely used for informative purposes only).

29/06/2020, (RB) — after the accusation of IG of NPS, by a ‘concerned’ citizen, a Makerere University Graduate takes off to rubbishes the claims highlighted herein. https://ramcielbc.com/?p=708

In response, the Makerere man wrote:


JUNE 29,2020

By Charles Bol Makuet

Yesterday, the public was surprised to see a very deadly attack on the most loyal Police General who has devoted his entire life to serving the government of South Sudan without running his tongue loosely on anyone.

The article was allegedly written by certain Gabriel Akech Dhieu, a proxy name which do not exist anywhere but use as mask to propel egocentric propaganda against the Gen. Majak Akech Malok.

In that poisonous article, the mask agent who seemed to be operating within the inner circle of the same ministry, labelled against Gen. Majak of a number of unfounded accusations. Some of these accusations lacked logic and where extremely laughable.

Before entering into deep discussion of these cheap allegations, it is obvious that the primacy of those allegations is aimed at painting Gen. Majak in a negative image so that to influence the decision of the President against him anytime.

In other word, the author/authors insult the intelligence of our beloved and most able President that he can be easily turned against his most loyal subordinates by simply painting them with ugly colours.

By projecting Gen. Majak in a negative public image, they think they would be successful in hiding their controversial reputation and use him as a scapegoat to achieve their deadly political ambitions.

The following created allegations do not make sense to reasonable person let alone someone who is politically mature. In an attempt to convince the President, the team from a bluntly ambitious camp brought together a number of allegations which do not yield positive in any classified political party or space.

  1. The first allegations projected the innocent Inspector General as the one who worked against Gen. Saeed Chawul Lom to be removed from the position of IGP so that he would get the chance of emerging into his position.

This is completely baseless. In military or police service there is nothing like lobby for appointment in such important assignments. This entails that the article was written by someone who has little knowledge of military service.

In police or military, the commander in chief, who is non other than our President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has full powers to remove and appoint any officer based on his observation of merit, loyalty and competence. One does not need to lobby in such non-political institutions.

Gen. Saeed Chawul was serving as Inspector General of Police as an assignment by his commander. The same boss set him aside for reasons best known to him as his direct Commander in Chief and decided to bring in another loyal officer to implement his orders and directives.

Even in politics where politicians lobby for political appointment, it is the President who has the final decision to place someone somewhere in the government. There are those who use insults and community as a leg work to attained political positions and those who are appointed based on principles and patience. The former can never be loyal to the President whatsoever. This is why it is important for the President to appoint those who are loyal to him.

  1. The masked agent further went on to undermine great role played by General Majak Akech by attributing the whole three-years achievement to his boss, the minister who just came to the ministry two months ago.

As he clearly put in the part of his article that the role of the police is to safeguard “national security and public safety at all cost” Gen. Majak has been doing this and has achieved greatest part of security standard through a unified security operation with other law enforcement agencies namely National Security Service under Gen. Akol Koor and Military Intelligence under Gen. Rin Tueny.

If at all there is existing security in Juba, it is a joint work of these three experienced commanders through a well-planned public safety approach. This is not an approach that a single person can draw and achieve in two months period.

Currently as we speak Gen. Majak in collaboration with heads of other security sectors has made sure that Juba is safe and all mafia who masterminded all bloody daylight robbery and criminal looting are locked up and tried accordingly.

  1. Mentioning Gen. Maduot Parek as a member of crime network together with Gen. Majak Akech and labelling against them a baseless corruption scandal of 1.07 million is uncalled for.

Gen. Majak has no any team of three or so officers who are engaged in business deals whether legal or illegal. Neither is his office engaged in any business activities of the South Sudan National Police Service.

The issue of business deals and contracts being done by Gen. Majak Akech are unfounded. Currently, the cars being used for night patrols were donated by H.E President Salva Kiir’s office. General Majak Akech since his appointment has been using his mind to widen constructive relations with regional and international police institutions.

In 2018 and last year, Gen. Majak approached Police leaderships of neighbouring countries with well designed program aimed at genuine security response in the Capital and in the states. The former IGPs of the Sudan, Uganda and Chinese government responded positively by donating 7,000, 3,000 and 19,000 police uniforms respectively.

The IGP did not stop there but proceeded to place his request to South Sudan top businessmen and leaders and they each responded by donating Land Cruisers to South Sudan National Police Service; Gen. Kur Ajing with three, Gen. Jong Riak 2, Obach 2 and Abdallah 6 and Hon. Tut Kew 1 respectively. These are the cars he painted and currently being used for night patrols by Police.

General Majak Akech at the personal capacity is the poorest IGP in the history of SSNPS. His small house in Kampala is currently being rented for his children by South Sudan Embassy in Uganda. There are times when he has to give his personal passport to those of Fueling Station just to make sure that his car is filled. Security wise, Gen. Majak has made sure that Toronto boys and unknown gunmen are spotted out and arrested in Juba.

This has brought about public security to juba and peripheries unlike what was existing before him. Gen. Majak Akech most times sleeps at 2.00- 3.00 AM. Instead of appreciating him, the useless egoistic company decided to launch an attack on him for no good reason. When one of Hon. Mayom’s bodyguards 2nd. Lt. Buong asked his office Manager Mr. Buot Manyiel why they have been talking badly about Gen. Majak, consistently he was surprised with letter of dismissal on Monday 28 June from the office of the Minister.

There is currently a Directorate of Logistics and Procurement which deals with investment activities of the SSNPS. While Gen. Maduot Parek is no longer an active officer of the National Police Service, it beats our logic how a non active police office would engage in Police affairs again after being relieved by the President.

  1. That Gen. Majak Akech is busy conducting night meetings with SPLM/A-IO Angelina to bring in her brother as Deputy Minister of Interior is categorically laughable. First this astonishing assertion shows lack of political maturity.

Where on earth would a member of other opposition party seek approval from a seriously opposed party like SPLM-IG. The Agreement is very clear and Angelina and her team could just sit in a matter of few minutes to nominate a part member of their choice for Deputy Minister without objection from SPLM-IG.

Why would she and her party first sit with a General under a different command to decide the future of her brother’s appointment when she knows that he will be report important matters to SPLM-IO directly without fear or prevention.

Secondly, and even if this irrelevant situation ever exist, General Majak as a junior subordinate under his Commander in Chief Gen. Salva Kiir has no say in political issues of his boss’ party leave alone making recommendations for an opposition. He is only active in police activities and can make recommendations for police officers he has observed to be highly committed in their duty.

This premise entails that the unmanned article was crafted as a mere propaganda to project Gen. Majak Akech in a negative spotlight meant to create an atmosphere of mistrust between him and his commander in Chief Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

  1. As if that was not enough, the egocentric agent went as far as connecting purely unconnectable dots by crafting nonexistent alliances between Gen. Majak Akech and selfagreeaimed opposition, the warlord Gen. Paul Malong who seems to be leading an estranged brief case and voiceless organization or movement.

This utterances seem to be a scramble to find level ground to wage an irresponsible attack against Gen. Majak. However lack of political maturity and academic capacity has deprived them of a more convincing analytical power.

That’s why they have badly exposed that the brain behind all the unfounded propaganda was inspired by fear and frustration given his dim and unclear political future with General Majak as Inspector General of National Police Service in the ministry of Interior.

  1. The last and perhaps the most stupid of all allegations labelled against Gen. Majak Akech appeared to have exposed both the agent and his boss in a broad daylight. That Gen. Majak is buying those working at the President’s office to bring down the same President is totally devoid of logic and laughable at best.

Practically, you do not need to use subordinates of the same leader to oust him from a position of power. It does not make sense when all of you are his direct subordinates. What is the credibility of confidentiality if logic fails us here?

The capacity of the mask agent and his boss to convince the President, and other readers is marred by lack of intelligence and the desire to achieve political ends as quickly as possible. This brings down the whole article as mere and cheap propaganda, conspiracy and never-coming mission for our self proclaimed presidential challenger.

In conclusion, the source of that article that has gone viral on social media has been disclosed by a close informant who lives with Hon. Mayom Akech, the Minister of Interior. The informant who requested anonymity disclosed to the author that Mayom said it clearly on June 22 when he was having supper at his house with inner circle that he will never be conformable unless he finishes with Gen. Majak Akech. He repeated the same statement to the inner circle on 27 June that Gen. Majak should be dismissed or he will find a way of dismissing him himself. This happened just a day before that defamatory article was published.

Aware of his slippery character, there is nothing new about Paul Mayom Akeck’s dirty intentions against Gen. Majak. His lonely presidential ambition has made him wild to everyone he thinks is a threat to him. This is a matter of public knowledge especially among Agaar community members. For truth’s sake no one hates someone who aspires to be something.

However, using others as a legwork to achieve your isolated ambitions is great betrayal which deserve wider condemnation among youth, elders and confirs alike. For you to be President, you must convince people with a clear agenda and why you would want to lead the country not by destroying others.

Everyone is aware of Hon. Mayom’s failed alliance with his illiterate friend General Malong when they reach a deal to take power by a military coup de etat two years ago.

But his egocentric character of creating problems with almost everyone, politicians, elders, relatives, academicians, chiefs and to very lower extent, youth denied him of support and when he realized that the plan could not go through, he twisted the whole secret plan to be a making of his illiterate friend General Malong.

That friend latter became victim of poorly coordinated power graft. He ended up being vanished in a foreign land only to sit as a Chairman, Secretary General and everything of rebel movement that has no clear vision or objective.

Hon. Mayom Akech momentarily abandoned his presidential ambition and turn to use a community he has now cut himself off once and for all to get appointment.

Thinking that he is Thon of Panagaar, he is now working very heard to bring a Governor of his choice by all means since he is the only senior Minister in Lakes State. His plan is that his governor will prepare a ground for him in order to contest in the next presidential elections.

Thinking that people like Hon. Daniel Awet, Hon. Telar and Hon. Akol Paul are no longer to seen again in this peace government, his next step is to influence the formation of State government to be constituted with ministers and commissioners who are loyal to him.

In conclusion, everyone know who wrote that article. Although those of Mr. Buot Manyiel Buot think that they can hide their identity from the public, he has now been discovered. Mr. Buot has made himself a destroyer of Agaar leaders starting with his uncle cousin Hon. David Kon who used all his resources to educate him not knowing that the little boy would turn out to destroy him.

Now he has turned to Gen. Majak Akech. But one thing you should know Mr. Buot is that being a destroyer of Agaar will not make you earn any medals. Please stop this or your dirty information will be exposed very soon, OK.

Some of us are straight forward and have nothing to hide. We are ready to produce enough documents and audio of your boss dubious deeds and remarks against the President during RUMYU occasions in 2018 at Freedom Hall in law courts.

You may think that you have succeeded in temporarily weakening some of us financially as the only way of rising up against us in community politics but going as far as destroying every single Agaar son is no longer acceptable.

We cannot allowed this to happen before our eyes. General Majak Akech is a man who has no senseless political ambition like your boss. He is a well trained police officer who knows his mandate and limit. He has no problem with a single person in Agaar community.

Should you continue writing this fake allegations against him, we must expose your dirty part together with your boss Mayom Akech. I have a plethora of information about you and your controversial minister. This is the first and last warning to you and your plate seeking camp to stop destroying the reputation of the sons of Agaar. The way you two have destroyed Hon. David Nok Marial and other important figures in our community cannot continue to go ahead.

Please be warned.

(The author is a graduate of Makerere University and is reachable through charlesmakue909@gmail.com or +211926682490 and views expressed herein are his and RB do not sharein)

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