A look at IO Chairman’s letter on commemoration of the 7th Anniversary Day of the Juba massacre on Dec 15, 2013

FILE — South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar talks to reporters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Feb. 13, 2016. Machar fled from Juba last month shortly after heavy fighting broke out in the capital between Machar's forces and South Sudan army forces.FILE — South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar talks to reporters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Feb. 13, 2016. Machar fled from Juba last month shortly after heavy fighting broke out in the capital between Machar's forces and South Sudan army forces.

By David Mai Tang

1. He said, Peace is prevailing in South Sudan. In another word, peace is succeeding and going well across the Country. Is that true? It is not true. He is just painting an optimistic scenario and view and not telling the truth. For instance, the ongoing unfolding war between SSPDF and IO SPLA forces both in Greater Equatoria and in Greater Upper Nile Region contradicted that statement.  

2. He said, the first batch of the necessary United forces will be graduated soon. Is that based on reality and possible to take place soon? Or is it a political statement and giving hope?  
It is a political statement and just giving hope to the people.  
3. He also said, the nine (9) state governments will be form soon, probably in 1 to two days, included the new Parliament. This remains to be seen.  
4. He added on to says, that the Government of Upper Nile State and it counties will be form as well afterwards, and it is likely that the Governor will be appointed before the end of this years. It is now the middle of December 2020.  

Is that statement true? Or is it a political statement? It is a political statement and nothing shows that it is likely to happen soon this year based on what we are seeing and hearing.  

5. The Chairman went further by stated it that, yes, the peace has been slow and facing difficulties; somehow, and it is because of the following: 
1. The drop on oil prices 
2. Coronavirus 
3. And lack of political will. 

The lack of political will is the main problem and the biggest obstacle that prevents the agreement to be implemented. The Chairman is right on that; however, he put it generally and did not identify specifically, who is or which Party is responsible for the lack of political will between him and Kiir, especially when it comes to the implementation of the Agreement in letter and spirit.  

6. Furthermore, he said, I risked to come to Juba when everyone was against it that, they say I was putting people’s lives and the Agreement itself in danger; However, now we been here and everything is going well. 

We even held our IO 6th National conference here to make the, just to make the long story short.  

Is that statement true? Is everything fine? Has the security arrangements been implemented as enumerated in the Agreement, as well as all the provision in the agreement? No.  

And this failed simply because he (the Chairman) went to Juba prematurely.  

He has put the Agreement in danger as well as the live of people who gone along with him, who are now in Juba. Those of IO who are now in Juba do not have any protection, and If the war broken out toda, who will protect them? No one! 

They would just be driven to Blue house!   
The Agreement itself is not being implemented in letter and spirit, because President Kiir is picking and choosing what to implement.  
How can Dr. Riek still speaking up to today that he did the right thing by going to Juba without security arrangements in place and without most of the provisions of the agreement being implemented? 

How is live now for all those of IO who are in Juba, while the Agreement is not being implemented properly? Are they living a normal live in terms of basis needs for survival? And is the Government reintegrating them in the ministries and in civil services? No!  

They are suffering and surviving on their own and on their relatives, either in Africa or in the Western world or in Diaspore in general.  

7. Finally but not the least, starting this year, or this December, the IO Chairman have declared that, the Dec 15th to 22th will be a reconciliation and forgiveness Day from now on for all South Sudanese people.  
It would be a reconciliation, forgiveness, and a national healing day. 
In another word, it would not be a mourning or Memorial Day or prayer.  

Is that a right idea and a god decision from the Chairman of IO.  
To me, The Chairman of IO is looking at the current peace in terms of positions and him being in Government in charge of the Country today and not about people’s live or the future of the Country in the long run.  
And this is where many of us disagreed with him and don’t see eye to eye with him, because we are not looking at the Agreement not in terms of positions and him being in Government, but in terms of reforms and changes that needed to take place and carry out within the Government like judicial reform or overhaul, police reform, employment reform or correction, fight against corruption and nepotism, and many more. Plus the permeant Constitutional making. If the Agreement is not implemented fully in letter and in spirit, how will we get to all those mentioned above and how will we get to fair elections in South Sudan?   

But simply because he has gotten back his position, his wife a minister of defense, his in laws and relatives in the same Government, he think everything is fine and going well.  

Whether there will be reform or not, whether there will be changes or not in Government, in regards to employment in ministries or in Bilpam, is none of his business because he is already in.   

And whether kiir will rule for 100 years or not, it is not his concern, because he is the FVP.   

You guys are on your own from now onward – just like it was pre July 2013.

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