A humble plea to South Sudanese and the World to save Gabriel Kucdit’s life

South Sudan parliament/PHOTO: SUPPLIEDSouth Sudan parliament/PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Opinion by: Tap Pai Gatdet

Dear world, South Sudan, I bring to your attention with a heavy heart that we have a son, a great son in danger. Gabriel Kucdit, a great academic giant of his time has been befallen by a terrible mental illness and needs immediate and reliable medical attention.

I have known Kucdit for a very long time now. I came to know of him when he joined St. Paul Secondary School, Yei River County in 2012 from where we became classmates and great colleagues until today. As someone who shared a class with Kucdit and continued to have him close to me in most of my endeavors, I know exactly how important he’s, not only to his family, Gok(Cueibet) but also to the whole of South Sudan.

Many who know Kucdit, can attest to the fact that he’s an epitome of greatness, at least among his peers if not in the whole country. Kucdit’s wisdom that he acquired through his unceasing desire to read anything in black and white that he comes across sets him a mile away from very many people. Kucdit has also set himself apart from many through his writing, which I can proudly say he’s too good at. Surely he is too great a soul, and we can not afford to lose him to this illness, at least without trying something to save him.

Before going to Namungogo seminary to pursue his master’s degree in theology, Kucdit completed both his diploma and bachelor’s degree in philosophy in Kenya. He aspires to become a priest after his master’s degree and after fulfilling the requirements as dictated by the Roman Catholic Church.

It was in Namungogo Seminary that he met this unfortunate event. As was told by one of his relatives, Kucdit had a series of days without sleeping, we call this, insomnia. This culminated into violent behavior and was easily getting irritant by simple things. When the management of the school noticed how he was behaving, they took him to a hospital whence he showed some signs of improvement.

The school management then decided to let him go home to interact with his family and assumed the issue could be because he missed his people as he had been away from them for some time. He was then transferred to Juba and eventually to Cuiebet. Unfortunately, from there, he again showed signs of the illness and was taken back to Juba for further treatment which isn’t helping at the moment. The family is still struggling to make ends meet so that they could get him to Khartoum for better treatment.

I, therefore, appeal to you South Sudanese and many who know Kucdit, to come to his rescue. He needs to be transferred to Khartoum or Egypt for better medical attention. I call on the political elites, business people, and all the important people in South Sudan to help Kucdit Kachuol. Do it for the future of this beautiful country. To guarantee the brightness of our country’s future, knowledgeable young people like Kucdit have to be there at the forefront fighting to have it bright.

Through helping Kucdit, we would have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that truly our nascent nation’s motto “ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION” is true.

NB: Kucdit is a Dinka and I am a Nuer. I believe this should tell you how important Kucdit is to the whole SSD, especially at this time when the Nuer and Dinka are negatively perceived as FOES.

You can reach the author via Tap Pai Gatdet paigatdet@gmail.com.


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