Ethiopian Soldiers from Tigray who exchanged “blows” with colleagues preferred being refugees in South Sudan

Ethiopian Soldiers Photo CourtesyEthiopian Soldiers Photo Courtesy

Some Ethiopian soldiers preferred being refugees in the war-torn country they helped enforce human rights by protecting the civil population.

Federal forces members

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Tigray and Oromo plus Amhara forces that were serving as part of UNMISS protection forces in South Sudan fought among each other this afternoon in Juba airport while on a standby awaiting a UN flight that would take them back to Ethiopia as their term ends.

They are alleged to have fought by exchanging blows in the Juba International Airport.

South Sudan’s Tiger and National security forces quelled the man-to-man hand boxing that left the bystanders puzzled.

The SSPDF Chief of General staff, Gen. Johnson Juma Okot, the national security director, and the Ethiopian Ambassador went to the airport to help solve the matter.

The alleged outcome of the situation is that the soldiers from Tigray rejected to go back to Ethiopia and they told the UN to take the khakis and they will remain as refugees in South Sudan.

They were then relocated and settled in terminal two awaiting further directives from the UNMISS team.

Federal Forces

Source: Facebook

UNMISS is yet to release a statement concerning the matter.

Ethiopia has highly contributed forces that help protect the civil population of the South Sudanese during the ‘ongoing’ civil war.

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