A brief history of Nuer

A Nuer village in Ayod South Sudan 1920sA Nuer village in Ayod South Sudan 1920s


Nuer Nation since its creation around Tharjiath Lich consists of 6 Major Groups. Those 6 Groups of Nuer Tribe are Further Split Into 14 Major Subs_ Tribes Namely:

  1. Western Nuer Consists Of 7 Major Subs_ Tribes Namely: Bul, Leek, W. Jikany, Jagei, Dok, Haak, And Nyuong Nuer
  2. Central Nuer Consist Of 3 Major Sub Tribes: Gawar, Laak, and Thiang Nuer
  3. East_ Central Nuer: Inhabits by Lou Nuer Of Akobo And Waat

Finally, Eastern Jikany Nuer Consists Of 3 Major Subs_ Tribes: Gajiok, Gajaak, and Gaguang Kiir

The 6 Groups Were All Sons of Nuer= Gaw=Gaw =Raan =Raan Kuoth And Kuoth Hoah. Nuer People Can Be Trace Via Descentry

6 Major Descentary Clans Among Nuer Nation

  1. Gaat Geka and Nyieegeka
  2. Ngor Geka ox’s Thiang had got two sons, Bang Ngor and Riah Ngor

Bang ( Chiengchuol & Chiengnguor)

Riah ( Chiengjaak & Chienggiin)

  1. Bol Geka later renamed Bul ( Gok & Kuach) had got two sons, Reem Bol and Leah Bol. Bul is Bul Leah Bol but got blessed by his grandad Bol Geka and crowned with community’s name Bul.  Reem and Leah Bol were sons of Nyawaah.
  2. Gok Buli is divided into two:

Chiengchuol (Chiengdieng & Chiengpareang)  and Gaatlok ( Keerlok, Chuonglok & Dhienlok)

  1. Kuach Buli is divided into major 5 sections grouped into two:

Nyang twice and Gaatbuol thrice:

  1. Nyang (Nyang Malou & Nyang Gaan Gaak)
  2. Buol ( Chieng Jurbek, Chieng Dar & Chieng Cuomnyal).

Hence, Bul Nuer live in 3 big towns Mayom, Wangkai, and Mankien.

  1. Dinai Geka ( Yien, Nyang, Nyabil, & Paduay Dinai). Lou Nuer are divided into 3 major sections Muor in Akobo, Gaabal in Nyirol, and Jaak ka diook in Uror or Waat.  Lou Nuer live in 5 towns: Akobo, Waat, Nyirol,Walgak, and Langken
  2. Bor Geka (Chuondok & Jabany )
  3. Jidiet Geka had got two sons Ror and Wuot  (Chiengmankoch )

Kulang Tuot Kang was Ror by the origin and his wife Nyachum Loang’s mum was from Dok Nuer by origin.

  1.  Lang Geka ox’s name Reangyian  (Chiengmuok & Padang )
  2. Duany Geka (married to Kiir Kaker)
  3. Kear Geka (married to Juey Reel Gaw)

Jagei Nuer live in 4 towns: Kuer Nyangä, Tharjiath,  Buaw, and Ngony

2.Gaat Gueakä and Nyieegueakä

  1. Nyuong Guea had got two sons Nyaal and Chiengnyawäär.

Nyaal ( Thak,  Leek & Luach) meanwhile chiengnyawäär (Galieth, Gatiel & Gamok)

Currently, Nyuong Nuer are grouped into 6 major clans namely: Gakaal, Nyaal, Luach, Chieng Teny, Thàäk, and Leek. Nyuong Nuer live in three towns Ador,  Nyal, and Ganylel.

  1. Gakuach Geaukä ( Dar, Kur & Yian)
  2. Roal Gueakä (Kuei , Thiang & Jiwak )

1v. Dok Guea ( Jaak, Daguah, Juong & Reang)

  1. Duok ( Buorji, Muoth & Jimem)  Duok under Buorji are called Duok puär and Duok under Mouth are called Duok Bith. Buorgi and Jimem were blood brothers who shared the same parent. Jimem lives in Gawar land in Fangak and got 7 sons there.

Thereby, Dok Nuer are grouped into 3 major clans and sections as follows: Chiengtitjaah, Chiengbapuoh, and Juong .

  1. Chieng Bapuoh ( Chiengluth,Chiengmuot, Gakuach, Roal & Gaatreang)
  2. Chiengtitjah amalgamated into Chiengkäthiep or Chiengdhuorjaak. The Titjah main sections are ( Chiengluom,  ChiengJanbeek, Chiengchuoljiokrial,& Chiengmäär)
  3. Juong ( Chiengbany,  Chiengchuolguoth, Chiengpatteal, Chiengrom, Duok,Chiengbang,& Chienggong )

Those 3 major clans of Dok Nuer are grouped into 3 political Constituencies known as Dire1 Bapuoh, Dire 2 Tiitjah and Dire3 Juong.  Dok Nuer have got 16 Payams and 17 Head chiefs (Thep) . Dok Nuer live in 5 towns Madina Leer, Pilieny, Padeah, Adok el Bahr and Thonyor

  1. Haak Bakol (Jalok, Kuey & Beek)
  2. Jaloh (Nyiduat & Kuei)
  3. Kuei (Chiengtiang & Chiengbakrial or (Kuei Mut & Lony ) )

12.Beek (Thoc & Baar)

Haak Nuer live in 4 Towns namely: Kuer Buohni, Tutnyang/Rupkuai,Thäk Ker and Tharjiath Bor.

4.Gaatkuoth (War & Kar)

  1. Gawar descents (Tur Waar, Thep Waar, Dang Waar,Yian Waar & Keer waar) divided into 3 sections ( Baar, Nyang & Jimem) . Gawar Nuer live in 5 towns Ayod,Mogok, Nyoàt, Jieh and Raad
  2. Jakar (Nyang, Ken, & Kuel)
  3. Dhot Wunkok oxen named Jimem in Gawar land.

Dhot Wunkok had got two co – wives namely Nyuel Dak Ruet and Nyathiangni

  1. Ruet Dhot Wunkok (adopted son)
  2. Ngol Dhot Wunkok
  3. Rial Dhot Wunkok

Sons of Nyuel Dak

4.Par Dhot Wunkok

  1. Bul Dhot Wunkok
  2. Gorjaak Dhot Wunkok
  3. Meer Dhot Wunkok

Sons of Nyathiangni

  1. Juey Reel (Leek, Lak, & Tut known as Atuot)
  2. Leek (Chiengchuak & Chiengdeng)

Chiengdeng: (Chiengmatjaak,  Chienglokjaak, Kerlual & Chiengchuool)

Chiengchuak: (Chiengleeh, Chienggany, Cieer and Padang ).

  1. Lak (Chiengkuacboor & Joknyang )

Laak Juey had got 4 Sons with one mum named Nyakuoth Ruot Duer

  1. Kerlual Lak known as Kerlual Nyinyar in Bentiu
  2. Gang Laak
  3. Rool Laak
  4. Koal Laak

Laak Nuer and Thiäng Nuer live in 3 towns: Old Fangak, Phoom el Zarep, and Wathkai

C.Tut Juey Reel aka Atuot in Yirol has two main sections (Aleek & Ajuong ) with thei

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