The Airstrip Of Death | Warrap State

FILE PHOTO: Awul airstrip. Source: SSNN

27/06/2020, (RB) – an airstrip owned by the security chief, Gen. Akol Koor, and located at his home area of Awul, Warrap State, is now used to ship guns and ammunitions, according to an investigative report by a private journalist who feared mentioning due to the nature of  such report posing a threat to his dear life.

According to an eye witness, today morning, 27/06/2020, a small aircraft landed on the airstrip and unloaded a good number of guns and ammunitions. Members of security forces were reportedly spotted as being involved in handling and transferring of the weapons that were unloaded. The circumstances under which such weapons were taken to the area however remain undisclosed. But local communities believe that they could mean an upper hand as each community is pitied against another making the insecurity in the area alarming.

Today, more than 9 people were killed and several others injured in a communal violence between the Atok and Apuk Padoc of Tonj – Warrap State.

The aftermath of the violence also left a few women and children dead.

Many people around the State believe that such moves are geared towards insecurity in the area and to make one community take advantage of the other due to having senior government officials with unquestionable power.

In the recent months, the security forces under the Director General, Akol Koor are accused of mass torturing and kidnapping of innocent civilians who aired out their concerns on Facebook about the state of the nation. Activists too have reportedly been victims of such alleged abuse of power.

The insecurity accross the States continue to escalate, especiaily in the Jonglei and Lakes State amidst peace agreement sealing.

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